Auto, Homeowners, and Life Insurance in Somerset, PA

When you need personalized insurance policies, turn to Independent Insurance Associates, where you will have numerous options available so you can find the best possible coverage. Our insurance agency in Somerset, Pennsylvania, offers excellent rates on a variety of auto, homeowners, and life insurance policies.

Personal Insurance

With Independent Insurance Associates, you receive personalized lines of insurance coverage for your home, life, and automobile. We will work with you to find the best insurance carrier and the right level of coverage for your
individual needs.
Family in Front of Home - Insurance in Somerset, PA

Homeowners Insurance:

  • Standard Homeowner Policies
  • Mobile Homes
  • Apartments/Rentals
  • Vacation Properties
Man Driving a Car - Insurance in Somerset, PA

Auto Insurance:

  • Personal Use Cars/Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • RVs: ATVs, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Boats
  • Special Category Vehicles: Classic/Antique Cars

Life Insurance

Get the protection you need for your family so you can rest easy knowing that their well-being is in the hands of caring professionals. We have a variety of policy sizes available, from $10,000 to much more extensive coverage.

You can choose term-universal life insurance or whole life insurance, with the option to get your children on the policy as well. All of these policies are extremely flexible, and you can get full family life insurance on 1 policy, or on individual policies. Annual renewable term life insurance is also available.
Contact us today for more information about the type of personal insurance you are looking for.